Performance Point

Performance Point is a full service building performance contractor. They provide a range of Consulting Services such as:

HVAC design
Solar Analysis (shading, PV, and thermal)


Air Sealing
Code Compliance Testing
Wide range of other testing, inspection, and commissioning services

The leadership at Performance Point represents a wide variety of service, marketing, construction, manufacturing, and design disciplines.


Node.JS, Auth0



Business Problem

ENERGY STAR will not allow issuing a certificate for a home without the HERS Rater receiving the HVAC Design Report from the HVAC Contractor. Furthermore, the HVAC Design Report must meet the requirements in section 4 of the Rater Design Review Checklist. RaterHelper is an online job paperwork management and communication tool that allows streamlined ENERGY STAR paperwork management and submission. RaterHelper allows you to set up Designs, Equipment, and Systems that you can apply to homes. After setting up these components you can re-use them on homes fitting the description of your load as determined by ENERGY STAR rules. After applying the paperwork to a house (called a location) Performance Point will be notified and have the opportunity to Accept or Reject the paperwork. If the paperwork is accepted (and all other certifying criteria are met) Performance Point will issue a certificate for the home. If the paperwork is rejected you will receive a notice with an explanations of the corrections that need to be made before resubmitting it.

What We Did

We created an online HVAC rater helper web application in NodeJS to help Performance Point's clients comply with this requirement in an easy and efficient way.


The NodeJS web application is currently being used by Performance Point.